Fashion myself a reinvention

I have been frustrated lately.

Creatively, I’m not going anywhere; my photographs are stale, they say little about myself or humanity. So, for the next two months, I will shoot with disposable film cameras.

The inspiration for this project comes from Torsten Kjellstrand’s Cycle Oregon 2010 iPhone pictures. He writes:

[B]ecause the camera is so simple, so limited, I had to MAKE these photos…I had to look a little harder and think a little harder and live with a little more failure.

In form with this, my idea is to forget about trivial matters like shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, color balance. The goal is to embrace a simple tool, accept the uncontrolled, and re-learn photography as a medium of communication.

I have no clear subject or content at the moment, no vision. I plan on always having a camera by my side, to shoot what’s most interesting, most important, to find visual evidence of self and others in the everyday.

More to come.


Inspiration, Pt. 1

by Danny Wilcox Frazier

Great use of multimedia. Beautiful black & whites. Strong narratives. All-around, good.

by Adam Ferguson

Ferguson shows the quiet, everyday as well as the violent moments. Very strong story, and well shot at that. He has a removed, observant style that gives the viewer a good sense of what’s happening without over-complicating things.

by Mustafah Abdulaziz

Short and sweet, Abdulaziz’s Patagonian Cowboys tells the viewer all they need to know without superfluous images. Very lovely black and whites, the contrast and edits are always perfect.

by George Georgiou

Looking here and there, Georgiou effortlessly moves through Turkey, providing physical evidence of important social issues.

by Ed Kashi

Kashi cleverly pairs three of his images. It’s fun to see little stories play across the frames.

by Landon Nordeman

Nordeman has a unique way of seeing: his subjects are telling, his compositions layered interesting and layered.