Fashion myself a reinvention

I have been frustrated lately.

Creatively, I’m not going anywhere; my photographs are stale, they say little about myself or humanity. So, for the next two months, I will shoot with disposable film cameras.

The inspiration for this project comes from Torsten Kjellstrand’s Cycle Oregon 2010 iPhone pictures. He writes:

[B]ecause the camera is so simple, so limited, I had to MAKE these photos…I had to look a little harder and think a little harder and live with a little more failure.

In form with this, my idea is to forget about trivial matters like shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, color balance. The goal is to embrace a simple tool, accept the uncontrolled, and re-learn photography as a medium of communication.

I have no clear subject or content at the moment, no vision. I plan on always having a camera by my side, to shoot what’s most interesting, most important, to find visual evidence of self and others in the everyday.

More to come.

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